Autobiographical cartoon animation of Julius banging his hands on a laptop.

Julius Tarng

I run a software imagineering studio, prototyping ambitious new software like

  1. collaborative mapmaking @ Felt
  2. developer tooling @ The Browser Company
  3. multiplayer scrapbooking @ Sprout
  4. highly gestural interactions and animations, image processing pipelines, practical shaders, layout algorithms

    ⌁ Email julius at tarng dot com for 2023 projects

Elsewhere I

  1. tweet dumb thoughts on Twitter (say hi!)
  2. teach computing concepts for designers
  3. build tools and make video games
  4. shitpost tools like Tokimeki Unfollow and blockify yourself
  5. hide out at the library, reading books
  6. try to learn stuff
  7. 🀇🀏🀐🀘🀙🀡🀀🀁🀂🀃🀄︎︎🀅🀆🀆

In the past, I

  1. studied Industrial Design & HCI at Carnegie Mellon
  2. designed objects at Smart Design like this OXO spatula
  3. explored community building and online discourse systems in Branch, Potluck and Rooms
  4. hacked on virtual reality and photographed a bunch of hands
  5. started and led the design tooling and infrastructure team for Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp
  6. scaled the design team and shaped new accessibility and no-code initiatives at Webflow