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Collaborative trip planning web product.
Planning a group trip with family and friends is very stressful.
As the leader, coordinating a trip for different types of people is very difficult.


Keeping everyone in the group updated is especially difficult with emails, phone calls, and texts.


With a group, there is always a diverse opinion and it becomes painful to make decisions and keep everyone happy.

Being on the same page

Even after the trip is planned, not everyone has the same knowledge of the plan, and it's hard to keep everyone on the same page.

Current solutions also struggle with a simple, intuitive solution.

Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner

+ Highly customizable, detailed plans
+ See/share trips
Constricted to Yahoo! services and partners
Unintuitive collaborative planning


+ Lots of reviews
Need to know what you're searching for
Subpar planning tool
Visually overwhelming

How can a collaborative planning product reduce stress for stages of group travel?

Step 1: Plan.

When you create a trip, you can add travelers right from your Facebook friends. The Overview gives you a quick glance at the trip, new ideas, and the ideas you've rated.


In the planning stage, everyone involved in the trip can submit ideas of activities they've heard about.

Add an idea
Adding an idea is easy with instant search and the ability to browse by category or see what's popular.


Step 2: Decide.

Rating ideas

Each idea can be rated and commented on to make the decision making process easier.

Area of influence
Each traveler has an equal amount of influence on the total rating of the item. Hovering over the ratings bar reveals your range. You start off at a 'neutral' rating.

Your rating extends or retracts the total bar to give everyone a quick assessment of how much the group likes an idea.

The item is moved to the Rated Ideas section, which is sorted by rating to help aid in the scheduling process.

Step 3: Schedule.

Pick and drop

Rated ideas appear on the 'Travel Plan' for easy scheduling. High-rated ideas are at the top of the list.

Available times
After picking an idea up, the interface shows you available times based on hours of the activities. The Guggenheim is not open Thursday, but is on Friday and Saturday.

Adjust length
A dropped idea's length can be adjusted with small tabs on the top and bottom.

On the same page

Hitting 'Export' on the 'Travel Plan' allows you to share your plans digitally, or you can print a copy for each traveler, helping everyone keep track of the schedule.

TripCollab is also on your mobile phone. Know what's happening, no matter where.

Step 5: Record.

Post updates, photos, videos; share your trip from abroad with the Journal, whether on your laptop or on your mobile.

Step 6: Relive.

TripCollab lets you relive and share your past trips, right on your computer.

Designed in association with Melissa Acosta & Molly Lafferty.