Julius Tarng

I design products and experiences.
Holistic, cohesive design expertise – from interaction to UI to code.

Curated conversation platform.
Project Modai
Humanizing mobile devices.
Collaborative trip planning web product.
Chef's Portmanteau
Softgood for carrying professional chef tools.
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Julius Tarng
A designer from California.


I was born in Seattle, raised in Taipei/Palo Alto, and spent the past few years bouncing between Pittsburgh, Pasadena, Rochester, and Barcelona before settling in New York City.

After interning at Nokia and Kodak and graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, I spent a year designing products and interfaces at Smart Design. I now design Branch.

Design & me.

I design to improve lives and make humans more efficient. I am inspired by experimental, futuristic interactions that toe the line between physical and digital.

I practice holistic and cohesive design, doing everything from conceptualization to research/testing to implementation.

I like many things.

I am obsessed with new technologies, design processes, and typography.
I am especially interested in humanizing technology and the emotional connection between a person and a product.

I like dancing, Jeremy Lin, programming, Adventure Time, sunny windy days, In-N-Out, and the smell of fabric softener.

Get in touch.

I respond lightning quick (unless I'm stuck in the subway).


I am currently


Craving In-N-Out.

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